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Thistle Centre for Wellbeing


3D Reid

Braemar, Lewis, Ramshead and Storr Fabrics

The Thistle Foundation, located in Edinburgh, is a charitable organisation who offer support to those with disabilities, enabling them to live independent lives, in their own homes. In fulfilling this remit, their new Centre of Health & Wellbeing offers facilities such as a central community hub, specially equipped gym, consultation and training rooms and office space, for the charity.

Bute Fabrics_ Hospitality Project_The Resident Covent Garden_Exterior Dusk

The fabrics selected were chosen to offer a careful balance between colour and texture, tying in with the Client’s key branding, whilst maintaining a calming environment. In combination with the extensive use of timber, this approach struck the right ambience, imbuing the building with a welcoming and non-institutional feel.

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