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We have some of the most technically advanced woollen fabrics in the industry and nothing matters more to us than its quality and performance. All of our textiles go through extensive and rigorous testing in our in-house laboratory. It’s crucial our customers have a durable fabric, especially when it comes to high performance environments.

When matching colours our process is equally as stringent. Every piece of fabric we’ve ever woven is safely archived, so that when we’re comparing colours we’ll only ever refer back to the original master. We’ll even go as far as to check the colours under simulated natural daylight from around the globe. This way we always ensure our colour matching is precise and that our customers can enjoy an outstanding product no matter where they are in the world.

It’s not just our looms that are at the heart of Bute Fabrics: our people are too. It’s their specialist skills and drive that make it possible for us to be leaders in an international marketplace. As a company, we never rest on our laurels, but always look to the future.

In 2018 the board of directors embarked on a substantial investment plan of over three million pounds to implement major upgrades of equipment and extensive building improvements.

The Investment started to take shape in 2019 with the installation of 10 Picanol ‘Optimax’ rapier looms, including 2 with jacquard capabilities. All of the equipment has been installed on freshly prepared ‘Altro quartz’ screeded floors and departments are illuminated with high-efficiency, self-dimming LED lighting. Also included is an extensive installation of industrial shelving to two yarnstores.

The three most significant machinery investments include the purchase of a Karl Mayer ‘Multimatic’ automatic warping machine, Groz-Beckert ‘WarpMaster’ automatic drawing in machine and Groz-Beckert ‘KnotMaster’ high-performance knotting machine.


Bute Fabrics is the first weaver in the UK to install a Karl Mayer ‘Multimatic’ warping machine. This investment will bring about a three times improvement in warping capacity and will provide optimal flexibility for warp patterning.
The Groz-Beckert investment equips the business with the latest cutting-edge technology which will improve operational efficiencies and reduce fashion and textile manufacturing lead times.

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With our staff’s energy, enthusiasm and dedication, we’re able to produce technically advanced woollen textiles. It’s this perfect combination of machinery and knowledge that ensures we’re the natural choice for fabric solutions and that we always have a product our customers love.


The team at Bute is packed with specialised skills, often that are gained through in-house training and years of experience. You can read interviews with members of the team gathering their insights in to the investment and the mill here. Follow our ongoing investment projects on our LinkedIn profile -

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