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Bayes Centre

University of Edinburgh

Bennetts Associates

Alchemy Fabrics

The Bayes Centre is a pivotal piece of the University of Edinburgh’s estate set to transform Edinburgh city centre into one of UK’s most dynamic places for tech, attracting the highest calibre of international experts in data science and artificial intelligence.

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Bayes brings together 600 expert thinkers from across the spectrum: PhD students, academic researchers and university staff working alongside tech-focused businesses, start-ups and ‘spin out’ initiatives. It offers world-class robotics labs, open-plan and flexible working office spaces based on the practice’s research into ‘synergetic’ design, to boost research and collaboration. Alongside these sit more traditional lecture theatres, studios and workshop facilities. Bennetts Associates' design ignites serendipitous collaboration between academics, students, start-ups, spin outs and industry partners through a tiered atrium with gathering spaces, open circulation stairs and spaces that create opportunities for people to meet and share ideas; they are the points where everyone in the building comes together.

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